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A challenge community for The Mighty Boosh!

"Boosh Land is a land community where you join one of four teams and compete against each other in friendly challenges to see which team can score the most points per round."

Choose between Team Howard, Team Vince, Team Bollo and Team Naboo.

Team Howard has your stationary needs sorted and will scat you silly.
Beck the becking Becktard
22 May 2010 @ 11:38 pm
Does anyone know of good alternatives to Photobucket? I'd like an online space to host images and the like, something that I can log into (unlike tinypic).

I've had two images deleted off my PB page for the most ridiculous reasons. The most recent one has enfuriated me and I don't want to deal with them any longer. The picture in question is this. I sent an email to their support people asking why it was deleted and do they realise the irony of their actions. The reply said it violated their terms and conditions. That's it. I've had enough of their fuckery.

Ashes to Ashes was amazing and I've spent most of the day crying/thinking about it. I can't believe I have to say goodbye to that show and then send off Lost tomorrow *wibbles*
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When watching Serenity for the first time I couldn't help but notice the fantastic use of light and colour. The cinematography in general was fascinating. These are the scenes that stood out to me as great examples of Joss' unique vision.

Note: F***ING ASPECT RATIO. GOD DAMN. I'm so sorry these are stretched. I should have checked before I capped the whole movie :/

I haven't altered the colouring in any of these caps specifically because I wanted to emphasise the original lighting of the scenes.

VERY image heavy picspam under cutCollapse )
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Team Buffy is in desperate need of new members!! What is Team Buffy, you ask? It's the Buffy the Vampire Slayer section of whedonland, an interactive challenge community for fans of the complete works of Joss Whedon. The community has weekly writing, graphics and gaming challenges. We compete for points against the other Whedon teams: Team Angel, Team Firefly and Team Dollhouse. You are deeply encouraged to enter at least one challenge a week, so steer clear if you're not going to be an active member.

If you are interested in joining up, please post here and request Team Buffy.

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Medium: Television
Fandom: Ashes to Ashes
Subject: Alex/Gene, general
Title: Lethal Enforcers
Warnings: vague spoilers for season 3
Notes: The concept for this mix are current songs (within the last 10 years) that sound like 80s songs. I also wanted to capture the dark and sinister tone of season 3. We're so close to the end.

links and lyrics under cutCollapse )
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I'm completely obsessed with The Mighty Boosh right now. In the space of two weeks I've watched all three seasons, almost all the DVD extras, and I'm making my way through the radio series now.

This is why I'll never take drugs (excluding my bff caffeine, and the very occasional painkiller). I struggle with self discipline.

Off to find some good Boosh icons.
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27 August 2009 @ 08:58 pm
I'm planning a music post in the coming days, along with a few fanmixes that I should really get around to finishing.

Twilight feat. Elbow, Skunk Anansie, Gotye and more.
don't judge me! as much as I hate SM's writing style and her take on 'strong, independent women' I can't say anything against her taste in music. All the songs she suggests on her website are actually top notch and the movie soundtrack was also a pleasant surprise. That said, I really hate most of the fanmixes for this fandom - way too poppy and emo. When making fanmixes I like to try and expose people to new music and exciting lyrics. So ya.

Buffy - Spike/Buffy feat. The Panics, Skunk Anansie, Sarah Blasko and more.
I know Spuffy gets a lot of hate but I love their fucked up relationship. The more angst the better I say.

Ashes to Ashes feat. We Are Scientists, John Frusciante, !!! and more.
I really wanted to make a A2A mix with modern(ish) music that had an 80's feel but this idea has evolved a bit. Ugh, why can't the third season start already.

And maybe I can finish my really old Firefly mixes, but I think I lost them when my old computer crashed. ho hum.
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16 August 2009 @ 12:06 am
I'm in the process of making a Twilight fanmix. I resisted the whole twatlight franchise up until last week when I decided I'd watch the movie for my media analysis essay. Then I downloaded the soundtrack and the score. And then all the books. *whimper*

The whole story disturbs me on an ideological level. If I read it as a normal text and kinda disgusted with myself, so I try to look at them as modern gothic. Makes me feel a bit better.
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2009 is rocking out for me so far. 4 distinctions (only one fail which is an enormous improvement) in courses that I actually enjoyed and wanted to do. I just completed a video production course so I feel like my dreams to be a movie producer is somewhat attainable.

I've lost a shit ton of weight by eating properly and exercising, and I'm only 8kg from being my 'ideal' weight according to my BMI. After a good 15 years of being overweight/obese, I can't explain how good it feels.

Finally got around to deleting and selecting my icons from the 100 or so I had saved before my time expired. It was difficult but I've got it down to 15.
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I'm in a pretty good place right now and it took a damn long time getting here.

After a few discussions with my course coordinator it looks like I can graduate at the end of next year which is a whole semester before I thought I would. This is perfect because it coincides with the end of my boyfriend's hospitality traineeship, so as of November 2010 we will both be contractually free. Then start on our big overseas adventure, which at this point looks like it will be London. This depends on if I can get a job from my brand new spangling degree.

I've completed my summer course although I'm still waiting on the results. It made me sad that it was the first course I'd completed confidently since the first semester of 2006.

I've joined a gym and signed up for a few things that haven't quite been finalised yet so I won't mention them just yet incase they fall through.

My job and I are almost on the brink of parting ways. I'm just sick of all the drama and shenanigans and more often than not I leave working feeling run down and stressed. My hours have been cut down to about 8 a week because of uni so I should be able to cope with that. I need the money anyway so I have to suck it up.

Isn't it fantastic when you rediscover your old albums. I picked up my old rhcp album "blood sugar sex magic" and as I was listening I literally felt all my worries drain away and I felt new again. That was a week ago and I'm still feeling great :)

(I have no idea how LJ chooses which icons you keep when your paid account expires - mine are so random now)
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