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27 August 2009 @ 08:58 pm
Revisting the music emporium.  
I'm planning a music post in the coming days, along with a few fanmixes that I should really get around to finishing.

Twilight feat. Elbow, Skunk Anansie, Gotye and more.
don't judge me! as much as I hate SM's writing style and her take on 'strong, independent women' I can't say anything against her taste in music. All the songs she suggests on her website are actually top notch and the movie soundtrack was also a pleasant surprise. That said, I really hate most of the fanmixes for this fandom - way too poppy and emo. When making fanmixes I like to try and expose people to new music and exciting lyrics. So ya.

Buffy - Spike/Buffy feat. The Panics, Skunk Anansie, Sarah Blasko and more.
I know Spuffy gets a lot of hate but I love their fucked up relationship. The more angst the better I say.

Ashes to Ashes feat. We Are Scientists, John Frusciante, !!! and more.
I really wanted to make a A2A mix with modern(ish) music that had an 80's feel but this idea has evolved a bit. Ugh, why can't the third season start already.

And maybe I can finish my really old Firefly mixes, but I think I lost them when my old computer crashed. ho hum.
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