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A Tapestry Of Quiet Desperation

(I think I may be)

Beck the becking Becktard
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+ currently "studying" at university for a Bachelor in Media (Video Production) with a side order of Japanese, which I've been studying for about 10 years now
+ loves films and tv shows - will hopefully be involved in screen media when I get my act together
+ loves music (see last.fm)
+ sometimes an iconner, but can never find enough spare time to do it

+ Red Hot Chili Pepper video clip screencaps
+ Icons
+ Fiction
+ Fanmixes
+ Music Posts
+ Random Uploads

Please comment if you take anything and credit me - because I need to feel loved :)

jynnanicons: my icon journal - in development
havenhold: a photo challenge community made with roundlay - still very much in development
uzukiko: my Japanese journal
damienleith: Australian Idol 06 contestant, Damien Leith community
rayne_icons: Co-mod with fairandbright and etzyofi
survivor_au: A community for Australian fans of Survivor, co-mod

All these are best viewed in Firefox because Internet Explorer sucks.
My current mood theme is "Those Left Behind" (The Serenity/Firefly comic), made by me (jynnanicons. I've also uploaded themes by smut_queen and crackified)

Current layout by milou_veronica - "she's my friend of all friends".
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